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Air Liquide Orders Continuous Belt Furnace

Sinterite, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, installed a continuous belt furnace at the Air Liquide Research & Technology Center in Shanghai, China. The 129,000-square-foot, recently constructed facility will utilize the furnace for development of sintering, brazing, annealing and heat-treatment applications. The nine-zone, 12-inch-wide, electrically heated furnace is capable of reaching temperatures to 2100°F (1150°C) and rapid cooling with Sinterite HyperCooler. Multiple configurations of atmosphere gas setups are also possible (H2, N2, NH3, O2, CO2).


The furnace has dedicated delubrication, sintering and cooling process setups, and its process-control system has advanced capabilities for monitoring and recording process development. The HyperCooler inline rapid cooling system provides for the ability to employ traditional protected atmosphere cooling and sinter-hardening of compacted powder-metal components.


The Air Liquide Research & Technology Center houses offices, laboratories and a pilot demonstrations department.


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