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Steel Producer Orders Induction Dryer

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic recently shipped a 1900-kW/100,000-hz induction heating dryer system to a steel strip galvanizing producer in China for the drying of coatings including passivation, with and without chrome products, and organics. This high-powered induction dryer is designed to heat steel strip 0.40-2.50 mm thick and 800-1,676 mm (31.5-66 inches) wide at a rate of 220 meters/minute, or 116 metric tons/hour. The equipment will provide a temperature rise of 90°C (194°F).

The system is designed as a single, unitized package assembly that includes the frequency converter, capacitor cabinet and single-turn heating coil. The project also included the interface I/O, heating control model and water cooling system. The installer puts the system in place and only connects power, water and control to the respective takeover points, minimizing on-site installation time.