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Exhibition scope of CIHTE 2018

◆Various heat treatment furnaces: atmosphere furnace, carburizing furnaces, gas nitriding furnaces, austempering furnace, aluminum alloy solid solution aging furnace, brazing furnace, pressure welding furnace, drying oven; vacuum furnace (high pressure gas quenching vacuum furnace, vacuum carburizing furnace, low pressure vacuum gas quenching furnace, vacuum hydrogen furnace, vacuum oil / water quenching furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum drawing furnace), box-type furnace, pusher furnace, rotary hearth furnace, roller furnace, mesh bag furnace, bell type furnace, pallet car furnace ,chain furnace, bottom loading furnace, salt bath furnaces, fluidized bed furnace, gas furnace, step furnace, shock hearth furnace, pit furnace (heating furnace, nitriding furnace), periodic furnace, continuous furnace, plasma infiltration heat treatment equipment, etc.
◆Heat treatment production line: Annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, induction heat treatment, chemical treatment, ion diffusion coating production lines.
◆Process control instrumentation, mechatronics control technology, intelligent information management technology: Various process control software, thermocouples, temperature controller, atmosphere control instruments, flow meters, sensors (oxygen probe, hydrogen probe), infrared temperature measuring device etc.
◆Heat treatment quality control, product testing equipment: such as hardness tester, metallographic sample preparation devices, optical (electronic) microscope, ultrasonic detection device, material testing machine, X-ray diffract meter, chemical analyzers, cooling speed tester, etc.
◆Heat treatment auxiliary equipment: heating power supply, washing machines, shot blasting strengthen equipment, straightening machine, material transport equipment, deep freeze refrigeration plant, vacuum systems, cooling systems, quench presses, etc.
◆Heat Treatment Materials: Kinds of quenching medium, impregnation agent (permeability-reducing agent), paints, cleaning agents, anti-rust agent, etc.
◆Heating elements, furnace building / refractory / heat insulation materials: Electric wire, graphite materials, radiant tube, burner nozzle, silicon molybdenum rods, refractory bricks, refractory fibers, heat-resistant steel, etc.
◆Heat treatment technology atmosphere, industrial gases and preparation system, atmosphere generator, etc.
◆Heat treatment equipment supporting components: material, furnace lining, muffle tank, conveyor belt, mesh belt, draught fan, pumps, transformers, heat exchangers, etc.
◆Surface treatment and surface modification technology and equipment: High-energy beam heating, physical deposition, chemical deposition, hot dip galvanizing, electroplating, micro-arc oxidation, etc.
◆Heat treatment related safety, energy conservation, environmental protection technology and equipment.
◆Heat treatment processing services, technology development, traders, related consulting & information services, etc.