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Welcome to attend CIHTE 2018

The 13th China International Heat Treatment Exhibition (called for CIHTE for short) will be held during Sep. 17-19, 2018 at the New China Int’l Exhibition Center, Beijing. Welcome all heat treatment enterprises, industrial organizations, experts and scholars to attend the new exhibition. Meanwhile, we’d like to express our sincere thanks to all friends for your great kindness and care for CIHTE and to the organizers for your long-term trust and support!
Established in 2004, CIHTE has been successfully held for 12 years, which is one of the globally well-noted heat treatment exhibitions. After years’ accumulation and innovation, CIHTE becomes more influential day by day and is the indispensable platform for technical communication, trade negotiation, brand publicity and crossover cooperation.
With continuous development of equipment manufacturing industry, it sets higher and higher requirements for products’ lightweight, durability and excellent performance. Advanced heat treatment technology is the goal that modern equipment manufacturing industry constantly pursues and the mark that indicates if the product has core competitiveness. With deep implementation of "Made in China 2025" and “Standardization and Quality Improving Programme of Equipment Manufacturing Industry”, heat treatment is not only the basic technology of manufacturing industry, but also the prerequisite for realization of green manufacturing, high-end manufacturing and energy conservation manufacturing. It is the technical support for manufacturing industry to get out of “cheap & small profits” and "become strong from being large", and the fundamental guarantee to create manufacturing power.
CIHTE 2018 takes new heat treatment technology and equipment as the exhibition core, fully exhibits comprehensive development of current industry. This expo collects hundreds of enterprises from the world and will hold the 3rd Heat Treatment (Beijing) New Technology Development Forum at the same time, jointly promoting “Green, Precision, Intelligentized, and Standardized” development so as to better serve various application fields. During the exhibition, professional purchasing delegations from fields such as military industry, aviation, electronic, shipping, mechanical industry, vehicle, casting, forging, tool, mould, bearing and fastener will be directionally invited for the occasion and onsite negotiation. CIHTE2018 invites you to to come to Beijing, and join us to create a new era for the development of heat treatment industry!